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  • Red Velvet Cake

    You guys asked! So here it is! My red velvet cake recipe ☺️
    My red velvet cake is a big winner amongst my customers & I know your customers, friends & family are going to love it too. My melt in your mouth sponge is perfect for those who want something a little sweeter than a vanilla sponge but n...

  • Gold Leaf Designs

    If you want your cakes to stand out from the crowd then gold leaf is the way to go! Adding a touch of gold leaf to your cakes turns a standard cake design into a luxurious one.
    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to correctly apply gold leaf onto your cakes, as well as showing you where to purcha...

  • Food Safety Inspection Q&A

    I know how daunting the thought of having your home visit from the environmental food safety inspector can be, so I want to do everything I can to help ease your mind.
    I got the opportunity to interview John who is a Food Hygiene Safety Inspector from Redbridge council. I asked him all of the ne...

  • Perfecting Stencils

    Stencil cake
    In this tutorial Sims Sweets will show you how to give your cakes a luxury edge by adding a beautiful patterned stencil to the exterior of your cakes. You will learn the best buttercream consistency for a perfect application, how to correctly position your stencil, top tips & techni...

  • The Oreo Sponge Recipe

    Entice your customers, friends & family with this delicious Oreo sponge cake recipe.
    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make my Oreo sponge cake, how to best fill the cake & show you how to stack and crumb coat the cake for best results.
    This is such a popular flavour amongst my customers an...

  • Number Cake

    Number cake

    In this tutorial I show you how to create a two digit number cake. Learn how to evenly distribute your cake mix into the number moulds and how much mixture you need to fill each mould, how best to cut your sponges to achieve an even cut without distorting the shape of your chosen nu...

  • Easter Bunny Cake

    In this tutorial I show to how to make the cutest Easter Bunny cake just in time for Easter. I’ll demonstrate how to cut your cake sponges to achieve a flat top sponge, how to fill, stack, crumbcoat & get a beautifully smooth final coat. You will learn how best to colour match your buttercream an...

  • Gold Decorative Balls

    Gold decorative balls can add a very luxurious feel to your cakes as well as looking absolutely stunning! In this tutorial I teach you how to achieve a metallic gold ball effect, whilst also showing you the best products to use to create a brilliant coverage and flawless look each and every time.

  • Mothers Day

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a Mother’s Day treat box. I’ll show you how to cut, fill, stack, crumb coat and final coat a 5inch cake. Make heart shaped cake pops and decorate cupcakes using various piping techniques. This box is the perfect gift for your love...

  • How To Box A 2 Tier Cake

    Boxing two tier cakes can be a daunting task! In this tutorial I’ll show you how to effectively box a two tier cake. This method helps to protect your cake while in transit, gives your consumer a clear view of their cake and gives your packaging that professional finish. This method can be used f...

  • WinterButtercream

    As we delve into winter & the weather gets colder, our buttercream can become unbearable to work with. In this tutorial I give you top tips to help prevent your buttercream from becoming solid and how to save your buttercream once it has solidified!

  • Bake Perfect Flat Tops

    There’s nothing more frustrating than when you finish baking a cake, take it out the oven and see that a huge cone has formed on the top! Whether it’s in the middle of your sponge or either side, we have to chop off the whole top to make sure we get an even stack. This can massively reduce the he...

  • The Merry Christmas Cake!

  • Ganache Crumbcoat

    I’m a buttercream girl at heart however the constant consistency change of buttercream due to the temperature of the weather can be really frustrating for you as a baker & your customers!
    Ganache is known as the bullet proof coating and is a brilliant way to ensure a sturdy cake. If your heart i...

  • Cricut & Cake Toppers

    I can’t tell you how many messages I receive about the Cricut! If you have one already you’ll know that it does not come with instructions on how to make cake toppers! So many bakers have their Cricuts in a box unused!
    In this tutorial I talk you through all the materials you will need and give ...

  • The Secret Sponge Cake Recipe Part 1

    The one you’ve all been waiting for! In this tutorial I will guide you through the process of constructing the perfect sponge recipe.
    By the end of this tutorial you will have a clear understanding of how each ingredient affects your sponge, which will allow you to tailor your recipes accordingl...

  • The Secret Sponge Recipe Part 2

    The one you have all been waiting for!
    In this tutorial I give you my secret sponge recipe! This recipe is makes a sponge that is perfect for stacking and decorating! Enjoy!
    This recipe will make 2x 8 inch sponges or 3x 6 inch sponges.

  • Two Tier Cake Tutorial

    Two tier cakes are a great addition to add to your menus, however stacking a two tiered cake can be very daunting. In this tutorial I will take you on a step by step guide to help you to get to grips with stacking and creating two tier cakes

  • Safari Cake Masterclass

    Safari Cake Masterclass
    You guys asked so here it is, learn how to make the very popular Safari/ Wild One cake. Sims Sweets will guide you through each step from two toned textured buttercream techniques, sprinkle placement and of course let you know the big question where to purchase those anima...

  • Colour Mill Hack

    Kiss goodbye to messy hands, stained fingers and leaking colour mill bottles with this easy peasy, quick hack!