• Safari Cake Masterclass

    Safari Cake Masterclass
    You guys asked so here it is, learn how to make the very popular Safari/ Wild One cake. Sims Sweets will guide you through each step from two toned textured buttercream techniques, sprinkle placement and of course let you know the big question where to purchase those anima...

  • Perfecting Stencils

    Stencil cake
    In this tutorial Sims Sweets will show you how to give your cakes a luxury edge by adding a beautiful patterned stencil to the exterior of your cakes. You will learn the best buttercream consistency for a perfect application, how to correctly position your stencil, top tips & techni...

  • Drip Cake Recipe & Method

    Drips too thick or too runny? Learn how to create the perfect drip consistency with my sought after drip cake recipe and method.

  • Making Decorative Balls

    The trend that keeps on trending! Learn how to perfect those ever-so popular decorative balls!

  • Acheive a Smooth Final Coat

    Smooth Final coat
    Achieving a smooth final coat is what we as bakers all aspire towards. This gives your cakes the flawless finish we see all over social media. This however can be one of the more challenging techniques to master when it comes to decorating cakes.
    In this tutorial I’ll show you...

  • Cupcake Piping Techniques & Top Tips

    If you want to learn how to make cupcakes that look as good as they taste, you need to master some basic cupcake piping techniques. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use buttercream and different piping tips to create stunning designs on your cupcakes.
    I will also give you some tips and t...

  • Tie Dye Buttercream Effect

    In this video, you will learn how to create a stunning tie dye buttercream effect on your cakes. This technique is easy to follow and will give your cakes a colourful and vibrant look. You will need some basic tools and ingredients, such as piping bags, food colouring, and buttercream. Follow alo...

  • Patch Effect Buttercream Tutorial

    Jazz up your cakes with this stylish patch effect buttercream technique

  • Layered Buttercream Effect

    Learn how to create a stunning layered buttercream effect for your cake with Sims Sweets Cake Academy! In this video tutorial, you will learn how to apply layers of coloured buttercream to your final coated cake and create a beautiful layered effect using a stainless steel scraper and a mini pale...

  • Character Moulds - Tops Tips

    If you find free hand writing on cakes and cake boards a struggle, then this tutorial is perfect for you. Learn how to personalise your cakes with Sims Sweets Cake Academy’s tutorial on using letter and number moulds. In this tutorial, you’ll learn a quick and easy way to create personalised cake...

  • Black Buttercream

    Do you struggle to get your black buttercream jet black? Is dark grey the only colour you seem to achieve?Well I’m here to help! In this tutorial I’ll show you the products & methods you need to achieve a jet black buttercream.

  • The Merry Christmas Cake!

  • Chocolate Moulds

    Chocolate moulds
    Sometimes as cake artists we can have a mind blank when it comes to creating new designs.
    In this tutorial Sims Sweets will show you how to add extra decorations to your cakes in a very quick and easy way., allowing you to mix and match colours, shapes and there placement to gi...

  • Number Cake

    Number cake

    In this tutorial I show you how to create a two digit number cake. Learn how to evenly distribute your cake mix into the number moulds and how much mixture you need to fill each mould, how best to cut your sponges to achieve an even cut without distorting the shape of your chosen nu...

  • Gold Decorative Balls

    Gold decorative balls can add a very luxurious feel to your cakes as well as looking absolutely stunning! In this tutorial I teach you how to achieve a metallic gold ball effect, whilst also showing you the best products to use to create a brilliant coverage and flawless look each and every time.