Beginners Guide

  • The Secret Sponge Cake Recipe Part 1

    The one you’ve all been waiting for! In this tutorial I will guide you through the process of constructing the perfect sponge recipe.
    By the end of this tutorial you will have a clear understanding of how each ingredient affects your sponge, which will allow you to tailor your recipes accordingl...

  • How to Evenly Cut Your Sponge Tops

    Flawless cakes begin with an evenly cut sponge! Ill teach you how to achieve a clean, flat cut to make stacking your cakes a breeze.

  • Buttercream Perfection

    Learn my famous buttercream recipe and method which will give you silky smooth, spreadable and brilliant white buttercream each and every time.

  • The Correct Way to Fill your Sponge

    Lopsided cakes due to over filling? Let me show you how to correctly fill your sponge layers for an even stack & professional finish.

  • Stack Your Tall Cakes With Ease

    Don't be afraid to layer up those sponges! Tall cakes are all the rage & look absolutely stunning when complete. Allow me to take away
    the fear of stacking a tall cake.

  • Crumb Coat Success

    Not an easy task! Its very easy to damage your cake whilst crumb coating. Avoid the crumble and learn to successfully crumb coat your cakes in preparation for decorating.

  • Acheive a Smooth Final Coat

    Smooth Final coat
    Achieving a smooth final coat is what we as bakers all aspire towards. This gives your cakes the flawless finish we see all over social media. This however can be one of the more challenging techniques to master when it comes to decorating cakes.
    In this tutorial I’ll show you...

  • The Must Haves

    The essential tools you need & where to get them from to start your journey to making flawless cakes.